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Golden Nozzle Car Wash started in the 1970’s as a complement to the other motoring public businesses owned by F.L. Roberts & Company, headquartered in Springfield, MA. The name ‘Golden Nozzle’ derived from the color of the gas station pumps at F.L. Robert gas stations in Western Massachusetts.

In the fall of 2016, Nouria Energy acquired F.L. Roberts & Company’s convenience stores and Golden Nozzle Car Wash locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  As a nouria company, Golden Nozzle Car Wash has become the gold standard for car care in the region.  The chain has grown and expanded exponentially since becoming part of the nouria family, opening and rebranding existing car wash facilities in five New England states. Golden Nozzle’s successful monthly wash membership program began in 2008. Members of the monthly wash program enjoy unlimited car washes at any Golden Nozzle locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  

It’s a Great Day for a Golden Nozzle Car Wash! Proper maintenance always includes the routine washing of your vehicle. Winter hazards like sand and salt need to be thoroughly washed from your vehicle’s body and undercarriage. Golden Nozzle uses only environmentally-friendly products.

Golden Nozzle Car Wash is a nouria company.  Visit nouriaenergy.com

Customer Service

For customer service, please contact:


OR, the following phone number (available during regular business hours):

(413) 642-9137

Business/Fleet Program

We offer business & bulk purchase discounts for businesses and fleets of all sizes. Call our corporate headquarters for additional information – (413) 642-9137- or via email at lisa.starnes@flroberts.com.


Golden Nozzle Car Wash is proud to be involved in the many communities we serve. We welcome all requests for donations for local events, organizations and charities. We ask that you complete and submit the Donation Request Form below. Please allow a minimum of one month for us to review your request. Also, please be sure to include mailing address with your donation request details. You may also contact Lisa Starnes at lstarnes@flroberts.com or call (413) 642-9137 for additional details.

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